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There’s a very good reason some folks refer to Rock Springs Café as “The Pie Capitol of Arizona.”  Pies have been our specialty for more than 90 years. Since Mary Warner first started baking here in 1927, folks have driven miles to taste one of our legendary fresh-baked pies. And as the demand grew, the small bakery operation became more active within the limited kitchen space of the Café. So, in 2019 the development of a new area unfolded. A building just off the front of the Café (formerly a farmers’ market), that enclosed a small house used by the Warner family during the building of the main Café, became available. The concept intended for the bakery operations to occupy a new and larger space to serve the growing demand for these famous pies and pastries. For the first time in the history of the Café, this new space would also allow visitors and guests to the Café to see our bakers making freshly baked pies on a daily basis.

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In October 2021, the construction of the new bakery was completed. The Pie Box opened with all baking on full display to visitors along with a complete remodel of the original Warner house into a vibrant new gift shop offering pies, bottled fruit and vegetables, general merchandise and self-serve coffee, soft drinks and homemade soft-serve yogurt. Whole pies are always available to go at Rock Springs, and you won’t want to miss having a slice if you’re dining with us! In 2009 Rock Springs pies went national by launching online pie sales for shipment anywhere in the continental U.S.  We sold pies even more that year, shipping some as far away as Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Jersey.  Now Rock Springs Café pies can be a part of your menu, special event, or holiday meal no matter how far away from Arizona you wander!  If you’re accessible by Federal Express, your Rock Springs Pie is just a mouse-click away!



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Cream pies (not available for Fed Ex shipment) include banana, chocolate, coconut, and lemon meringue.  All the rest of our pies can be delivered right to your door.  Fruit crumb pies include mixed berry, apple, rhubarb, cherry, blueberry or peach.  Then there’s our most popular pie of all, the JD Pecan.  We’ve also offer our regular pecan, pumpkin (seasonal), Tennessee lemon, apple bourbon, and peach.  And there’s more!  We couldn’t forget our top sellers, traditional apple, cherry, blackberry, blueberry and rhubarb. Come visit our new Pie Box bakery and receive a Pie Club punch card that earns a FREE pie after 10 punches…with the first punch  included for your first visit.    

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