Apple Bourbon Pie – (Special Order)

Bourbon’s been around since some Scotch-Irish guys landed in Kentucky in the 1700s. Apples have probably been around longer (ask Adam and Eve). We put them both together (because we can) in a flakey seasonal favorite that will be the absolute hit of your holiday soiree.

*As a special order, the availability of this pie is subject to change with possible delays and cancellations.


2 reviews for Apple Bourbon Pie - (Special Order)

  1. Warren Schumacher (verified owner)

    Very good. It would be nice to know what ingredients are in a pie. We didn’t realize there were pecans in this pie. It would be helpful so one who may be allergic doesn’t receive one.

  2. Linda B

    We’ve never had it but have heard wonderful things! Can’t wait to try it!

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