JD Pecan Pie

A true legend around here! Rumor has it that Uncle JD was chasing Mary around the kitchen and spilled a lil Bourbon in the pie filling. The rest is history! So what do you get when you take our legendary pecan pie and add a little Tennessee whiskey? AMBROSIA! That means “food of the gods,” folks, and while we’re pretty sure the Greek gods didn’t have any Jack Daniels (Tennessee whiskey is hardly mentioned in Greek mythology) we’re pretty sure they would have loved this pie, because EVERYONE ELSE DOES. This is our best-selling pie, so get your holiday orders in early.


10 reviews for JD Pecan Pie

  1. Jenn B

    Amzeballs! We drove an hour from the valley to get a couple pies and the trip was worth it! I will be dreaming about more pie!

  2. Brian Winstanley

    Drove an hour just to surprise my family with this. Great!

  3. ashlee bowers (verified owner)

    my family has been buying this pie every thanksgiving since i was little, and now i hold the same tradition in my house. it’s a must.

  4. Ashlee Lee

    JD’s Pecan pie needs to come with a warning! It will forever ruin any future pecan pies that is not a JD Pecan Pie! How they got a custard like flavor that harmonizes with bourbon and pecans, I have no idea! It’s not sickeningly sweet and it was a wonderful balance between sweet and salty. From the first bite me and my husband froze and said… No way! It blew our minds! No pecan pie will ever stand up to this one in my opinion. So buyer beware, if you order this pie you are doomed to dream forever more of this one and be disappointed when you have someone else’s pecan pie because it’s not JD’s from Rock Springs Cafe.

  5. Linda

    The best pie ever!!! I tried to duplicate – did not turn out,lol. I have it everytime I go to Rock Springs Café.

  6. Jobe (verified owner)

    Drive from Mesa for these pies. Outstanding


    One of the best pies ever! I’ll drive from Gilbert just to pick a couple up! Cheers!

  8. Keenan Murray

    Delicious! Must try!

  9. steven

    Best pie ever

  10. Deborah Huffaker (verified owner)

    Awesome pies!

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