Rhubarb Crumb Pie

There’s a reason Rhubarb is called “The Pie Plant.” We’ve heard there are other things you can actually do with it, but since we’re all about pie we decided to stick with that! True rhubarb pie aficionados won’t eat any rhubarb pie but Rock Springs Rhubarb pie. They just won’t.

Tender tart rhubarb baked with tasty, toasted crumb topping.


7 reviews for Rhubarb Crumb Pie

  1. MaryAnn

    The only rhubarb pie worth eating is here!

  2. Tracy

    It is a must-stop for me when I’m here!

  3. Lisa O.

    The only rhubarb pie that I will eat. Absolutely heavenly!

  4. Chuck Savory

    this pie was wonderful

  5. Chuck Savory

    This Pie is wonderfull

  6. Chuck Savory

    This is the greatest pie I have ever tasted

  7. Kari M

    Absolutely the best rhubarb I’ve ever had in my life. I actually crave it

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